There are some types of people that I would like to punch in the face.

I was scrolling through TikTok earlier. I cane across a guy lifting a heavy set of weights. He captioned his video with ‘if you have more than 20% body fat, you have to bulk (basically means weight training), got to get rid of all that fat’. He may not have meant it to come across in the way that some people may have read it. I was kind of offended because my body fat recording is hanging in the 40% range. It went up in the week that I didn’t go the gym. Men have no idea what it is like for women, excess body fat literally comes from hormones from our monthly cycle and female related hormones in general. They don’t have that problem. That sometimes means we cannot be consistent if those issues knock us out of gym training for a week. I don’t have the energy to go every day. These types make losing weight and toning up look so easy. It certainly isn’t, especially if you have health problems which delay or totally prevent progress in certain areas. I feel like slapping this person and telling them to wake up and realise it just isn’t as simple as he makes out in his video caption.

One thought on “There are some types of people that I would like to punch in the face.

  1. I feel you. I gave up the battle a long time ago. But then I am 64. At my age, diet is everything. Not too much salt or I retain water. Not too much sugar or my feet get sore. Not too much fat or I feel slow. Not too much alcohol or I forget where my car is… under the carport. I hate getting old, but I am grateful I got here. It has been a long and interesting road. Lots of detours, fascinating people along the way. I got to travel, and now I live in paradise in a country full of beautiful people with free healthcare. Comes in handy when stuff starts falling off. I am married to a Muslim woman, and we left Florida before MAGA. I would never take her back now. I live a mile from the most beautiful beach in the world. there is literally no crime here. But then everyone is Hindu, and they are concerned about Karma. Most of the food is locally grown and much of it is organic.


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