Halloween (Samhain) TikTok live planned for 1st November. 10pm

I have decided to be brave and do a halloween, also known as Samhain originally, TikTok live showing off my various witchy stuff that I own. I will answer anyones questions about the things I’m showing providing they are not ridiculous or taking the piss. The rules of this live will be, no rituals or spells will be either be performed by me or those watching the live feed.

I don’t want people doing that and there is a valid reason for that … it’s dangerous with collective energies of people that are not familiar to each other. There is a potential that one of you could accidentally open a portal and let something out which causes issues in the physical world. I felt it around my son when he was born, this thing was moving around on his baby monitor when he was only a few weeks old.

I know that a lot of you lost loved ones to covid last year but you should NEVER try to contact those that have passed because something else might answer. If your relatives or friends want to contact you then strange things will happen around you. The things that I have previously talked about on here. I have had evil things try to attack me through pushing various boundaries in the spiritual and physical world. It can take years to remove those attachments and unless you are strong enough in your energy to push the thing away then you’ll never manage to get it off you. I had to build my energy to get the one that used to wake me up since a teenager to get it to leave me alone. That took me to the age of 31/2 to manage to shake free of it and when I tried to get rid of it the thing held on tightly and the fight became extremely hard.

The moral of the story is never wake up anything on the spiritual plane. I woke this thing up as a young teenager when I first discovered what I could do with my dreams etc. It puts everyone around you in danger and makes tour energy as as person fearful to others due to the evil presence floating in and out of your aura. I am hoping that this true story puts anyone off from trying to do anything while watching my live. If you worship Satan etc you also aren’t welcome in my live. The TikTok name is thehumancat2021. I will see everyone that attends on that user names live feed on monday 1st november at 10pm.

One thought on “Halloween (Samhain) TikTok live planned for 1st November. 10pm

  1. I lived on a very long Island as a kid populated by old retired people. Halloween consisted of going house to house and being turned away because the residents were usually seasonal and were either not there yet, or had never even seen trick or treaters. Imagine that? Didn’t have the heart to toilet paper their houses either. Later after living in this community for most of my life, I would buy candies and no one came. (too old) But give me a Jack O Lantern. And let me make some pumpkin soup. That I love!


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