Quietness – rare but it happens.

I didn’t blog yesterday because I had a migraine caused by my cold. I was going the gym. I decided not to go because my cold was making me feel so awful. I didn’t sleep again during the night because I slept during the day. I haven’t seen daylight for two days. I take vitamin D supplements so a few days of no natural light will not matter. I won’t be able to walk outside much during the next week due to the weather being predicted to be raining every single day. I washed my hair today (well this evening or yesterday now) which is all I could manage with my head being full of cold. I did go out to get a few bits … cat food etc. I drove everywhere rather than walked. I just needed a day when I was completely rested, no studying etc. I am now ready (after I’ve had a sleep of course) to do normal routine. I never properly recover from burn out. I just take the pressure off by stepping out of life for a few days. I had to do it for a week last week due to my monthly being a complete hassle, which is why I won’t be taking the iron tablets again. I’m getting more percentage of body fat, yet losing a lb a week since quitting alcohol… how does that work? How can I lose weight but be gaining body fat percentage? It makes no sense, surely that fat weighs a few lbs? Unless my muscles are being picked up as fat on the scale machine as my body composition hasn’t settled yet due to starting the gym only 2 months ago.