Insomnia is stressful.

I couldn’t sleep again the entire night. I don’t feel well and my bed feels hard. I have a swollen leg on the side of my former ankle injury. I just feel uncomfortable everywhere, like theres soreness running throughout my body. I am totally exhausted which is why it is completely annoying that its nearly 7 am and I haven’t slept. So far my night has consisted of browsing Tiktok and my cat coming into my room to complain about the wind and refusing to go outside due to the weather. I need to flip my mattress over because this side is starting to feel hard so the springs must have risen to the surface. It was so much more comfortable when I got it last year. I also need more pillows because my current ones have gone flat. I’m fed up of feeling uncomfortable … it doesn’t help insomnia or my ability not to wake up every few hours. The lack of pillow support is slowly leading to neck ache and headaches.