I had a reasonable day, as good as it gets for me.

I didn’t sleep last night which was a surprise when I had done my 10,000 steps and a two hour gym session. I slept a bit but the smell of cat pee kept me awake. I had to scrub my mattress today and wash my duvet to get rid of all the smells. I managed to move my bed to find the dead mouse. It was close to where my head would be when I laid down. That was smelling a bit too so that probably kept me awake too. I have disinfected everything now so nothing should smell bad. I woke up with a headache behind my eye. I stopped having migraines when I regularly drank alcohol. I think I also have a cold coming… at least I hope it is a cold, not covid. I hand gel my hands everywhere I go and don’t go too close to anyone in the gym. Barely anyone wears a mask at the gym I go to… it makes exercise harder. I have tests so if I’m worried I can check which stops me spreading it by accident.

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