Seriously, today has been one of them.

I woke up to the cat peeing next to me on my bed sheets. I was not happy. I had to change all the sheets and still going to have to wash the duvet because I can still smell it, a tiny bit also needs scrubbing off a bit of the mattress. The cat is in trouble and he knows it. I went back to bed because I studied quite late. I only got up a few hours ago. I have two more days off the gym so making the most of it. I am walking for the first time in weeks. One good thing is that I haven’t drank alcohol for a whole week! I also want to point out that people shouldn’t put money in peoples birthday cards if they are sending them through the post. I got a birthday card in my post for a previous tenant from his father so no one must know where he is. The 30 pounds needs to either go to the addressee or be returned to his father. It is postmarked Nottinghamshire. I open them because my intuition is telling me that this guy is probably passed away due to the fact that he seems to have disappeared. Initials are CW and if anyone collects it they will need proof of ID because money is involved. I will give 6 weeks collection time and then the money will be handed over to charity and the beautiful pop up card will be sadly binned.

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