So much for being another year older, same sh*t, different day.

I am now officially 34. It has been the same sh*t, different day type vibe only a few hours into the actual date. The cats kidnapped a baby mouse from outside. Its under my bed as I couldn’t catch it because it ran away scared. It won’t survive long as its insides were hanging out. The bits looked like its intestines. The cats normally aren’t that brutal. They normally just scratch at them breaking the skin but never ripped out parts of any creature previously. That made me feel down because I hate when they do that to little animals. I just keep thinking of how much pain the mouse will be in before it finally passes away wherever its gone to hide.

In other aspects of the day…. I don’t get to chill out on my birthday this year due to our tutorial on 26th being changed to 24th. I have to attend, it’s only online so I literally don’t have to leave my home. I don’t book them for the weekends for a reason. I would rather do my uni modules during the week. I like to have my weekends to myself. I have insomnia at the moment anyway so I designate days to catch up with sleep. I also go the gym once during the weekends, normally on a Saturday when I’m not ill.

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