I had a lymphatic drainage massage today :)

I tried a lymphatic drainage massage today. I feel a lot better already. I did some housework when I got home but I’m just relaxing at the moment. I needed it after my binge which made me ill for days on Monday. She drained my system of all my backed up fluid around my liver and in parts of my legs / ankles. I was aching and feeling extremely rough before I got there today. I haven’t been the gym since Saturday after completely doing myself in.

I am now properly on my monthly so having a few days off because I don’t know which way its going to go yet. I never trust it after being on iron tablets for a few weeks and being late may make it play up. I had pains with it this month. I wasn’t getting pains before I went back on iron tablets. I breezed through last months without it affecting my daily activities for the first time in a long time. I even kept going to the gym throughout that week. I’m sure that not sleeping properly isn’t helping how I feel during waking hours. I got a few hours this morning but it wasn’t that much.

I still can’t believe I will be 34 in a few days. It seems weird. I feel like I was only 24 a short time ago, no way does that feel like a decade ago. However, I feel about 50 odd most of the time at the moment. The after effects of the gym can be brutal when you push yourself hard to see results. Swollen muscles, needing the toilet when your system is cleansing itself after exercise… there is more but those are the main ones. The results are worth it.

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