I can’t help laying awake worrying ok.

I am still concerned about having to move. It has kept me awake for months since I found out that my contract wasn’t going to be renewed due to the landlord selling. I still haven’t found anywhere suitable to move. The places in my price range are either snapped up quicker than I can get a viewing, let alone make a decision. The others have something wrong with them, e.g the last one had older type electric storage heaters which I know cost a fortune to run. That place was also too small for my furniture. Then other places don’t allow pets. I’m constantly worried to the point where I feel sick. The thought of shifting all my stuff makes me stressed in advance. I am just fearing the whole awful process months before I have to get out. The whole stress of benefits being updated after change of address and various changes meaning I get migrated to universal credit. That benefit migration terrifies me because I have heard how other disabled people got left with not enough income to prevent them being homeless.

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