I am fed up. I have no energy left to even tidy / clean my own surroundings.

I had to go to my relatives again to do something for them. I should have been home ages ago but it took so long to do their insurance via the comparison site. I know that this all sounds selfish but I feel dragged down by the constant stuff others ask me to do. I never get my own stuff done and only have so much energy available due to lack of sleep caused by my insomnia. I can’t leave my own surroundings in a state, it makes me unsettled. I can’t be everywhere because it isn’t doing me any good.

I already don’t want to be awake today.

Insomnia kept me awake to at least half 6 this morning. Then I woke up again at half 7. Then I fell asleep until my alarm went off at 9. Then I had to get up and ready to take the car for its mot. I still haven’t started my monthly properly. It is only spotting at the moment. I tried to up my calories with healthy options to bring it into balance but it refuses to be controlled. I’m glad it isn’t the way it used to be but its worrying that my cycle is no longer consistent. I was only ever like that when I got pregnant and had the covid jab. I can categorically say with confidence that I am definitely not pregnant and I haven’t had the booster covid jab yet. I totally understand that it can stop or not come back properly but I only been going the gym for 8 weeks and the last fortnight I’ve rested more. I cannot stick to the 10,000 steps a day having insomnia because I don’t have enough energy. I tried my best but right now I’m not in the headspace to do it. I tried so hard but I feel like I’m constantly hanging on by a thread when I don’t sleep properly.