Things sometimes aren’t a choice, they keep me sane!

I overdid the alcohol consumption last night. I’m not used the strength of vodka yet. I miscalculated it and I suffered the next day… even to the point that my eyes are not back to normal yet. Sometimes I don’t realise that I am only 5 ft 3 and built petite. Believe me, that reaction has put me off drinking completely. I had to mop my bathroom floor and toilet seat and wash my hair to get up all the mess I made after throwing up several times this morning. That just gave me extra work when I already had enough to do prior to that occurring. Then I couldn’t go the gym because I was too ill to get out of bed, let alone drive and exercise.

The reason why I drink makes no sense to others. I used to be totally against drinking unless I was going out. It keeps me sane after the things I have been through. I have a void since my son was taken for adoption. I could take most of the stuff that has been done to me but not how it made me feel. I don’t care about how others have made me feel after drinking. The subject that I’m studying for my degree doesn’t help. It pushes me to my limits even though I like a challenge.

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