The weather is like the tone of today in general.

I have been resting with the Cats all day. The weather is awful. I will have to drag ny car off of the grass due to being unable to park in the flat car park again last night. I woke up to news on fb that a long term online friend had passed away at the end of August. I knew him since I was a teenager, he had been ill for a long time. His daughter is autistic. Ironically, he passed away at the same age which my dad was when he passed away just over a decade ago. I find out on my Dad’s birthday. That would explain some of the things that have happened in my flat recently. Things being knocked off the middle of the shelf in the bathroom was something that I know the cats couldn’t have done because they aren’t allowed in there. He said he would show proof that there is nothing to fear about death after he passed. He knew my abilities so I would likely notice them.

The cats have been looking at things that I can’t see. They just stare behind me when I’m sat on the sofa sometimes. I make sure that the tap is properly shut off but its like someone has loosely turned it on when I get home. The light that was playing up in the bedroom is no longer doing the same as it was previously. He always said that he would have liked to meet me but it never happened because I wasn’t keen on making that leap.

I am also extremely tired because I couldn’t sleep well again last night. I have things to do but just felt yuck all day.