I needed a rest today! Chilled out Sunday.

I didn’t get up until later today. I needed the rest after my gym session yesterday. I got rudely awoken by a cat that wasn’t mine. I leave the window open for the cats to come and go while I’m sleeping (during daytime only at this time of the year). I woke up to a little cat, a tabby one that looked like a kitten in its face and still looks a bit fluffy, eating my cats food loudly. I thought it was my own until I turned over to find both of mine asleep next to me. Both my cats didn’t even acknowledge that another cat was eating from their bowls.

I assumed that it was Dave, the normal large wandering cat. Then it poked its head around the corner a few times so I could see it properly. I have seen this one on and off a few times this year so it can’t be that young. I had one that kept coming in my window which screeched at me every time I walked into the kitchen and jumped back out the window so I never saw it. I think this one that strolled in today has sat on my windowsill in the kitchen before making cute little kitten noises. I am sure there are a few different cats that nose around. I’m just surprised that my cats weren’t bothered about this cat today and didn’t even notice it.

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