Pushed myself really hard today.

I tried a new machine at the gym today. I tried 10 minutes of hill incline on the treadmill, that was okay. I don’t like the treadmill but I can do anything but run on it. I still haven’t got my monthly, apparently its a thing that happens to lots of women when they first start gym training. I used to go the gym when I was smaller and that never happened then. Anyway, I tried to use the step machine. I managed it with a few breaks. I did 15 minutes, burnt 200 calories and apparently it said it was the equivalent of climbing 33 flights of stairs. I can see why no one goes on there for long. I had to do a sit down machine next (typing with hands and peddling the bike with my legs) due to barely being able to comfortably stand up. I started with the weight machines as apparently you burn more fat if you do weights first and then cardio. If I don’t start my monthly soon I won’t get rid of my bloat. I haven’t drank alcohol since Thursday night and I have switched from WKD (loaded with sugar) to vodka and fresh orange mixed myself. I don’t like it so much which will probably make me quit it soon.