Well, a lot has happened in the space of a week.

There has been so much happen this week. The week started off with the Little Mix spat regarding Jesy blackfishing in her new songs video (sources say that they are no longer speaking to each other). This is what I don’t get, women are so vicious when they fall out with each other. Men will just fight each in a physical punch up etc. Women will be callous and extremely bitchy. They will never let it go if they somehow get rivals. They don’t just want to fight, instead they want to destroy a persons life. I am not totally innocent of that. I was so awful in that department when I was younger. If someone crossed me I would make sure that they paid for it. The fights in a woman’s prison are brutally vicious. They will carry on a fight for many days to the point that the prisons actually need to ensure that the inmates are separated at all times during their sentence. If people think that there is a racism and prejudice problem on the outside they haven’t seen how many black, asian, eastern europeans and mentally ill people of all ethnicities are in the prison population. There is a trend showing who is the most hated by those higher up the ranks of UK society.

Adele has released a new song for the first time in years. I heard it on apple music earlier. I’m not sure I actually like it. She was hyping it up all week, it turned out to be quite a let down. I’m sure that there will be loads of people who like the new single enough to make her comeback a success.

Then someone goes and stabs another Tory MP at the end of the week. I don’t condone that behaviour even though I’m not a fan of the Tories. Some random Tiktoker has predicted the queen of England is going to pass away on 18th October 2021. The video got taken down but he will still look a complete idiot if (which probably will be the case) it doesn’t happen. Its not right to predict anyones death and if this person knew anything about the spiritual industry. I haven’t informed my hairdresser that having her mirrors directly facing each other because it creates a portal for spirits to come and go which isn’t that bad until you get one of those demonic ones that causes issues if it gets out. I haven’t felt anything dodgy but I smudge myself and my environment in case things go home with me. There are certain things that those of us in the know about these things knows they have to do if in doubt.

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