Rest days done, lets jump back into the fire.

I had a few days rest due to trying to coax my period to come on… just about managed to do that… its making a tiny bit of a comeback. I can now go back to a reduced exercise routine. If I push too hard the hormone levels could go too far down and it will stop again. I popped into town half way through to get eyebrows done. I got to sit down for a while because I was early for appointment, the gym isn’t as far away as I thought. I have to walk back through town in the dark. There are lights and it isn’t busy due to not being the weekend. I have monthly pains so hoping it won’t catch me out by just releasing everything. I have a panty liner on but if it starts badly that won’t hold. I have some proper towels in the car but that is no where near until I get back to the gym.