Its been such a long day on barely any sleep.

I didn’t have much sleep last night. I just can’t sleep at night. I can get up during the day and still not be able to sleep during the night. I had my hair done, popped to a relatives to do a few bits and then bought some things from the supermarket on the way back. I had to spray flea spray all around my flat because the cats have managed to get them again. I only put spot on on them a few weeks ago.

I still haven’t got my monthly, I wasn’t worried about being pregnant until I read something online. Apparently, dry humping (I won’t explain what that means in case children come across this entry, I will leave that to parents to tackle that subject with them) can potentially get someone pregnant. There is a very small chance but its been known to happen. I haven’t participated in any sexual acts. Something odd happened at the gym the other week. I went on one of the bikes and didn’t notice that the seat looked a little odd when I got off. I assumed that it was just sweat and proceeded to carry on with my gym session. I later read that men can leave their fluid behind as exercising sometimes gets them excited in a sexual way (I’m trying to explain in a way that any children stumbling on this blog aren’t privy to the specific details). I was wearing my gym leggings which are not the most secure and will suck up any fluid/sweat. If dry humping with materials separating two people has been known to cause pregnancy, that situation kind of simulates the process. Even if that did happen to me… I wouldn’t be believed because it has barely ever happened. I am not going to panic for another two weeks when it will be very late.

It might just be the amount of exercise I have had recently, that isn’t something that I have ever done to that degree before, not sleeping will not help hormone balance. I am very stressed trying to find somewhere and my first university module TMA is approaching faster than I would like… looking at the question somewhat makes me more stressed rather than prepared.