I didn’t do a special post for world mental health day this year because …

I was quiet on this world’s mental health day because of the following reasons. I have posted something for that date for many years. I have basically felt like I’m repeating myself year after year. The changes that are needed are never arranged. I do not have the time at this point in life to be constantly harping on about things that are just ignored. I refuse to continue to waste my time trying to explain things to a world that refuses to understand, let alone make the appropriate accommodations for people with mental health issues and autism.

Second day of being too exhausted to do much.

I am sorry but I’m going to have to pull out of the steps challenge for a second day because I don’t feel well again. I am still exhausted, couldn’t sleep well and feel sick. I tried to function normally but my disability has made it difficult. I can’t do things at the same pace as neurotypical people. Also, being out in the world around people makes me extremely tired anyway. There is far too much sensory bombardment out there. I don’t notice how bad it is until I try to do the outside world on a daily basis. It all feels like its constantly slapping me in the face. That is an uncomfortable feeling which is ten times worse when I’m this tired.