I feel so ill today :(

I’m not hung over as I didn’t even drink last night. I woke up with backache in the middle of my back. I got up to feed the cats and take my medication. I went back to bed for a while. I do need to get up but not going to rush. I won’t get bugged by the cats for food until at least late afternoon. I have mister next to me who will probably just be asleep and mimi has gone outside now that she has eaten. I feel bad that I didn’t do the 10,000 steps challenge every single day but I’m absolutely worn out. I literally haven’t stopped and my body is wondering what has happened (e.g late monthly, could be absent if it decides not to happen). I have sleep problems which means I do everything on very little sleep. I can’t get peace even when I manage to fall asleep at times.

She who is banned from my dreams appeared in one I had this morning before I woke up. She didn’t say nothing but sat there in the darkness in a room. The term haunting me comes to mind. It hasn’t happened in a while but I’m weak at the moment which means my dreams are easier to absorb stuff in energy that is left behind from situations that occurred. Some people are extremely dark in their energy which can travel into dreams. I may have banned it from bugging me but some things are beyond physical control. I walked away from the room in my dream which is the only control that I had. Technology also wasn’t working well in this dream. I swear that my Dad also popped into it at some point too but I forgot most details when I woke up.

I just feel wiped out at the moment. I can’t do much today but sleep. This is exactly why I cannot be consistent as a person. I end up functioning normally for a few weeks and then it hits me big time. I end up so tired and feeling ill.