I had a break today… slightly.

I had a break from any exercise today. Well, I washed the car at my relatives house ready for its MOT soon. The bird muck and muddy bits was making it look like its not looked after at all. I desperately need to clean and tidy the flat tomorrow. I left it in a state after having to be out not long after I woke up.

I realised today that my monthly is late, it was supposed to start today. There is no sign of it at all. I had pains last week but now there’s absolutely nothing indicating that it is on its way. I may have overdone the exercise but it is paying off. That sometimes stops them. I have never done that much of an intensity of workouts at the gym when I used to go. I am definitely not pregnant, there isn’t even a chance of that, haven’t been ‘there’ with anyone. May be I’m done with them… they have been acting up for ages. Some women go through the change early without being aware of it, they just think it is severe period symptoms. I would definitely NOT miss them if they never started again.

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