Just checking in. I lost one measly pound in 5 days and somehow got more body fat.

I know that I probably shouldn’t have weighed myself for another few weeks. The thing thought I was an inch taller because of my high ponytail today. I have lost a pound in 5 days. However, my body fat seems to have gone up. Scales are not a woman’s friend at this time of the month. I’m at my bloating stage. Then I get nagged about drinking alcohol. I would like anyone telling me not to have a bit to drink, (cut down by at least a pack this week, 24 little bottles to 14), doing my law degree and seeing the injustice of every day situations. I have to cope with the stress of that somehow. I spread out my alcohol consumption so that I don’t have too much at once. I had 2 bottles for two days running which is the least I have ever drunk in an evening. I won’t be able to quit easily after being a few large packs a week drinker. I’m never going to be the extremely skinny type. I will be happy at a size 10 to 12 again so that I fit in all my favourite clothes again, and the ones I have bought new to reward myself after getting to my preferred weight.