I had a rest today until now. University unit done this week!

I had a long sleep because I’m absolutely worn out from the challenge of walking 10,000 steps, gym and studying my university module. I had my university stuff done by last night, spent more hours per day on it so that today and Friday are my time, apart from the daily 10,000 steps of course. I planned to sleep in today due to my insomnia being ridiculous at the moment. I have to work harder this year due to level 2 counting towards my final grade for degree. The reading material isn’t so daunting once you start going through it. I haven’t drank a fraction of the alcohol that I did the previous two weeks, there is no way that I can cold turkey straight away. That doesn’t work. I ended up bingeing and drinking more than ever. I have an addictive personality, that is the only way I can kick my bad habits.