It has occurred to me that people don’t listen to me.

The irony that I run a blog and always am going on about something … is that in my personal life no one seems to actually taken any notice of what I actually say. I’m very much doubtful that anyone actually reads what I send in messages. It also appears that no one hears during conversations either. Someone had a conversation with my Mother about my experiences as an autistic person. There are some details that I know that I told them in conversations I had with this person previously. It’s like I am invisible… or people just don’t take in what I say because see me in a passive way due to my disability. They may not even be aware that they are doing it. That is why we need to bridge the divide. I don’t know how we do that though. Yes, people may listen to the blog to a point, but I need that to be part of my personal life too rather than being ignored and people not even bothering to read things that I’ve sent them. If no one notices me in offline life then I will never get into a relationship, make friends etc. I understand that life is busy for everyone but some of us always seen to be invisible.