Back from the gym (see progress photos combined below) and aware that the internet has ‘broken’.

Firstly, I’m going to start with the obvious. I am aware that parts of the internet, owned by fb (can’t mention full names of companies), have gone down. I tried to log onto both fb and IG earlier. I don’t use w/app so only heard that on the radio coming home from the gym this evening. Fb apparently was whistle-blown yesterday, that is either coincidental or ironic when their whole systems crash the next day, probably highly unlikely that it is linked.

Now, on to my gym progress (or lack of, if you take my weight and body fat measurements into consideration). Below, there is a photo basically saying the horrifying truth, I weigh 13st 7lbs, body fat percentage is 42%…. now you can all see why I refused to stand on the scales until I had been going the gym for a few weeks. That’s shameful! I was only 11 and a half stone when I was pregnant (it was a decade a go but still shows the painful truth). The other photos are of what I have completed at the gym today. I did some weight muscle training machines after these photos were taken.

Work out photos

Well, the NHS funding sucks! / managed to get to the gym today.

I’m doing my 10,000 steps at the gym today. I’ve done 5,000 already on the first machine. I am on a sit down machine using my legs so I can type with my hands. I haven’t got a lot to say today apart from the following statement about the current state of NHS funding.

I had a message from my GP today saying that unfortunately, the sleep station thing that she was going to refer me to for my sleep issues was no longer available via NHS funding and there was no alternative. (see screen print below).