I’m done with the news!

I do understand that we need to know what’s going on but there’s too much politics involved in everything that is going on. We should put politics aside and do what we need to do. There should be no ’sides’. That won’t stop certain things happening. We shouldn’t be divided by our political beliefs. That doesn’t bring us together. The petrol situation has been utterly ridiculous this last week. They shouldn’t have to bring in the military if people had been sensible.

Please quit with the me me me attitude. That doesn’t help anyone. Yes, things are probably going to be quite hard with the rise in prices for bills etc. That attitude isn’t helping though. We just have to deal with things. Life sucks, it was never supposed to be a pleasant experience. I’ve met enough idiots to last a lifetime (only been alive nearly 34 years), I just want peace and the news has destroyed that inner peace for me tonight.

Then there is the circumstances that led to Sarah Everard’s death is just as awful. There is just no trusting anyone. This could have been any woman walking the streets that evening. The officer targeted whatever woman he came across. I don’t feel safe when I’m on my own in towns of cities, sometimes not even in the village that I live in during the late evening and night hours when I’m on my own. I walked out the gym on a Saturday night (in the town nearby where I live) holding my keys in my hand ready to use as a weapon if the random people walking around either drunk or just looking on the dodgy side. I simply do not feel safe as a lone female during none daylight hours anymore. There are random guys who have had a few constantly trying to come onto you on nights out or events. It just isn’t pleasant.