I still feel so fat! First day of that 10,000 steps a day challenge.

I really didn’t feel like doing the walk today. I’m going to stop looking in my full length mirror because that also makes me feel fat! Scales, mirrors and everything else reflective is banned from coming near me until I look like I have lost at least another stone! I would not mind if i just looked a little overweight but I look pregnant. I always had a little podge even at my smallest but it was always small enough to contain in some close fitting trousers. The weight I had on me never bothered me, despite that certain industries said that size 8 to 10 was too large. As I used to say, my bones are a size 6. I was only that size very briefly. Basically, the diet is drink water and eat nothing containing sugar. I’d had a baby by this point so I wasn’t expecting to get that small. I wasn’t eating much due to fighting my sons adoption at the time.

I don’t know why I bothered with it all now, as people said, I was just jumping through hoops, I literally was on it 24/7 barely sleeping for at least 2 years. I can’t rest until I know there is no hope. That is why I hate it when people tell me that I didn’t try hard enough. I got a judge from coventry that I knew wasn’t a yes man for them, not many has done that. I probably stopped the local authority in their tracks with cases that came after mine but the stages had gone too far by the time that I managed to swing that one. It was too late to get my son returned him as they continued with his placement despite me sending in a notice telling them to cease their plan as there was a court date. That was illegal but they got away with the guise of ’best interest for the child’ thing that they basically justify all their actions by. I do not care if I’m not a legally qualified person, a court date is a legal requirement. They ignored me walking all over me the whole way through. In a basic term, my son was legally stolen from me and given to someone else. The legal tricks that their side uses wasn’t even above board, it was sneaky and deceitful.

I have has several messages asking me if I have a new fb account. I do. The other one is far too full, the recovery options all have previous contact details. I have to keep old one open until the end of this month because my fundraising page is on my old account and people have already added sponsorship to it.

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