I had a very disturbed night.

I had a very disturbed sleep last night. I don’t remember sleeping until gone 5 am. I then realised that my 10,000 steps a day starts today because its 1st October. I was awake by half 9 so I didn’t sleep long. I won’t go the gym today because I’m too tired and need to do the challenge steps. I also have my open university course starting from tomorrow, which means I have to fit everything in. I probably will only get to go the gym once a month this month. I feel like I have barely slept at the moment.

The rain was extremely heavy last night, which also kept me awake. I woke up with both my cats asleep next to me. They’ve now got up and gone outside. They weren’t impressed with the rain last night. The cats normally want to go out in most weather but even they were totally against it last night. I will have to dodge the rain today if I’m going out for a walk. I don’t want to let the charity down by not doing what I said I was going to do. I didn’t have the best nights sleep but that’s something I am used to, that has been my entire life.