Month: October 2021

  • I saw daylight but got blown away!

    I managed to see daylight today but nearly got blown away on my walk. It is definitely changing the weather now. The wind is so strong that when you’re in places with no wind breaks you nearly get blown over! Maybe I’m just not used to being lighter yet. I am walking down a road […]

  • Upping my gym level…

    I wasn’t up again most of the day but I went to the gym. I have upped the weights that I am lifting to help fat burning. I left the cats in my flat due to there being a lot of fireworks around tonight. Mister was hiding in the bedroom before I went out. Mimi […]

  • There are some types of people that I would like to punch in the face.

    I was scrolling through TikTok earlier. I cane across a guy lifting a heavy set of weights. He captioned his video with ‘if you have more than 20% body fat, you have to bulk (basically means weight training), got to get rid of all that fat’. He may not have meant it to come across […]

  • Halloween (Samhain) TikTok live planned for 1st November. 10pm

    I have decided to be brave and do a halloween, also known as Samhain originally, TikTok live showing off my various witchy stuff that I own. I will answer anyones questions about the things I’m showing providing they are not ridiculous or taking the piss. The rules of this live will be, no rituals or […]

  • Turning into an actual vampire for the halloween season!

    I haven’t seen daylight for the third day running because I was just too tired after another night of no sleep. I do have try to reset my pattern, humans are supposed to see daylight or they start suffering from vitamin problems. Weight loss becomes a hassle if you don’t sleep during night hours too. […]