Finally managed to sort things out.

I managed to get the medication sorted. I’m back on one that I know suits me and I know doesn’t cause weight issues. I need to ring up in 6 weeks time to book a medication review because they can’t prebook on the computer that far yet. I’m used to sleeping issues but she referred me to the sleep station thing. I’m autistic, thats one of those things which comes with the condition. Hopefully my appetite goes back to what is normal for me now. I am hungry because I haven’t eaten all day. I probably will feel too sick to eat tomorrow due to side effects of the antidepressants I’m going on (common when you first start them).

I got up, did a few bits and we out to get medication before the local pharmacy closed. I couldn’t go until later to make sure that it was authorised to be picked up. I had to put cat food down and take the bin out but everything else can wait until after I’ve done a walk. I can’t go the Gym tonight due to the muscles in my back kicking off. I also lost my taste a little, everything tastes tangy to me when I eat sweet stuff. I was given two covid test kits with my medication so I can find out if I have it. I have a cold but hoping it isn’t anything else. I had people telling me that I was getting old because apparently your back always plays up and your taste buds no longer like sweet things. Thanks a lot, i’m only nearly 34.

I’m not a liar and if you want the truth … here it is.

Someone in a local group commented that my blog was full of lies. Well, that’s not true but if you want the truth completely then I won’t hold back. I am actually an evil person, even as a child. I was technically born surrounded by darkness, that is where I feel at home. Do gooders make me sick and I view the bad things in this life meant to be. I can’t bring myself to care about another person. I was born totally void of feelings. I am not caring or kind because I literally never developed those skills. I’m just a shell who probably is purely flesh without a soul.