Just a quick note.

I’m very tired because I barely slept last night. Then I come on to find that my visitor numbers are still a bit on the low side. Then I find an offensive comment on one of my blog entry links. I don’t want to be ’ a karen’ here but this needs to be said. The passive comment that someone made wasn’t correct and it showed that they haven’t read the content properly. This is not school, no one can bully me in any way now. I will not allow it. Maybe others should quit judging me by glancing at the individual entries and read the page about me. That will point out why I’m not officially published in book form. There are legalities that traditional publishers won’t touch.

I will NOT allow others to look down on me. I may not be educated enough to write in proper grammar but that is due to learning disabilities and being thrown out of school in relation to my autism. I’m not just another talentless blogger chatting about pointless crap! I am fed up of passive comments putting my efforts down. I don’t sleep much as it is, without this laying in my head making me feel like crap. Please stop it.

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