As soon as I stop paying for my link to be advertised I get barely any views.

I swear that running a blog is becoming harder. I used to have no problem getting views but in more recent years it has become increasingly difficult to get views. The only time that I can ever get them now is when I pay for marketing services. I can no longer pay for them because I need all the money to move. I never thought the situation was that bad until I logged on to find only 4 people had viewed the blog since midnight. It has never been that bad previously. It is the rise of the TikTok users who became influencers during lockdown that did it. People are preferring to watch visuals now. The written word is going out the window completely. It’s not just books going out of fashion, no one wants to read stuff online either. I can’t do cameras, I’m not a vlogger type. I try to include visuals as a side thing, but it never seems to grow my visitor numbers.

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