I have a busy week.

I’m currently at the gym after tracking down petrol (seemingly like everyone else has done recently), managed to fill my car right up so I won’t be part of the problem for at least a few weeks as my fiat 500 doesn’t use a lot and its only got local trips to do at the moment. I go the gym two to three times a week, my relatives house once, sometimes twice a week. I’m going to look at a rental flat in Burbage tomorrow which is 9 miles from where I currently live. I have to pick my relative up who lives down the road from where we are going. I’m only looking and I know that I’m not the only one viewing it tomorrow. I have until April but can go when I like because the landlord said he won’t hold me to the entire contract if I happen to find somewhere else before the end date. This place looks decent from the photos, video tour and just driving passed but I have my concerns. They have the old style storage heaters in there. I had them in my flat down south and literally could barely use them as they cost hundreds per week to use. Then the place was getting mould because of not using them much. I will soon visually see if that is the case as mould can be wiped off but it leaves a residue on the wall. I’m not taking the place if can see any signs. I know it costs money to update them into the small modern style but you’ll never keep tenants in there long if the heating system is not modern, it costs them too much to use it. The rent maybe on the cheaper scale for the area but that’s no excuse to not update those things. I bet they never did the work to the flat that I had down south. We were having regular power cuts too before I moved away. There was an issue underneath the block of flats which kept knocking out our electricity supply. I was lucky in my flat because my bathroom had windows, the woman and her family across the other side from my flat had their bathroom with no windows and if the power went out their bathroom was left in pitch blackness regardless of the time of day. The irony of these power cuts was that her husband worked for edf energy and still wasn’t able to get it sorted for the block.

Now, back to the shortages that we are currently experiencing. It’s a waste of time expecting migrant workers to come help us out. They expressed that they didn’t want to come back. The process takes 3 months and we need people to do these things now. They need to make the training for HGV drivers cheaper. Or start putting people from the unemployment job centre on these courses guaranteeing them a job at the end of it. I’m medically not allowed to do that kind of job. I have a lazy eye which means I cannot drive even minibus size, let alone a lorry. The pay is suppose to be quite good. If you don’t like people that’s fine because you won’t have to deal with them for most of the hours you will be working. It’s worth doing if you are interested in driving those things ( and you can see properly, unlike me). We can fix our own issues then.

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