I don’t get it. The default biases don’t make sense.

Why do people treat those of us that are autistic etc in a certain way? We are kept at arms length, despite most of us being harmless, yet those that are labelled as the norm are in everyone’s contacts and welcomed by others? Some of which I know are awful people but no one keeps them at arms length or gives them the silent treatment that we regularly receive. Are we just unlikeable or unattractive in personality? I know for a fact some of those individuals are as shady as they come. I admit my mistakes, those types would commit the most awful acts and completely try to cover it up. The fact that someone is classed as normal doesn’t make them a nice person worth knowing. Just because we are diagnosed with mental illness or autism also doesn’t mean we aren’t worth knowing. The irony is all that autistic people want (like myself) are friends but people don’t give us a chance. How does that make any sense? Maybe the key is to act cool like you don’t care and do that pathetic ’small talk’ for years on end to make myself accepted? That kind of behaviour drains my energy. I refuse to pretend in order to become part of the ’in crowd’. Seriously? just no. It literally gives me a headache. In regard to expectations in social settings, lets throw all the expectations out the window and get rid of the biases.

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