I’m not sure that I can do this! / petrol panic buying and a note on forced adoption.

I was looking through my open university law stuff last night before I went to bed. It’s too hard. It just scrambles head after about half an hour. I feel guilty and like I have let myself down if I quit. The learning disabilities that I have are too ingrained in how I think. I cannot reprogram my brain to make studying this stuff bearable. I tried my best. I’m half way through but if I’m struggling at a level 2 module, I will surely be crushed by the time we get to level 3, 4.

I know my tutors name as its popped up on the system. They haven’t introduced themselves yet though. The tutor group forum hasn’t opened yet because we don’t start for another week. I’ve booked my tutorial dates for the year as they became available yesterday. Some of them were with my assigned tutor. I have no passion for the subject, I don’t even have the will to get up until late at the moment. That is just coming off antidepressants which was never going to be a smooth task. It’s going better than any previous attempts.

I’d also like to point out to any of the parents who have been victims of forced adoption (like myself) thinking about getting involved in the media and governments drive to hear peoples experiences. They are only looking at historical, we don’t matter and they won’t take any notice. Our children were legally taken by a court, in the eyes of the government etc that means that it wasn’t the same. Ours are miscarriages of justice because they were put through the judicial system via courts that cannot be entered by parties not involved in a case. This enquiry won’t bring changes for us whether the information put in front of the court was correct or not. They did it differently back in the 50s, 60’s and 70s. The judiciary system was less involved, they only legalised the children as part of another family, they didn’t rule to take parents say on whether their children were taken. So we won’t benefit from this current enquiry.

And, on the last note, please can people quit panic buying petrol. There was no shortage, it was the mainstream media being over zealous with the facts and turning it into the story that they preferred. However, after your actions over the last 24 hours you’ve probably created the shortage. Please just stop now unless you are genuinely nearly out of petrol do not go to the pumps! Any damage created can be cancelled out if people just stop now.

One response to “I’m not sure that I can do this! / petrol panic buying and a note on forced adoption.”

  1. Trying your best is all anyone can ask of you! You are not letting anyone down and in fact, you’re doing a great job! I completely agree with the petrol problem, a slow news day has caused absolute havoc for no reason. People are so silly.


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