If we are ill the why are people getting away with discriminating against us?

I’m not someone who catches daytime television but I caught a bit of stephs packed lunch today. I don’t know the names of the ex footballer or happy mondays band member, however, I heard the details of what they said. They had the ex footballer on first discussing how addiction is an illness. Then they show the pre recorded interview with the happy mondays singer pointing out to the audience that they did this because his ADHD may have caused him to swear. There is so much wrong with that which non disabled people can’t see. He was technically denied the equality of being on the live broadcast. They didn’t do that to the ex footballer who had experienced addiction issues. The difference is that addiction doesn’t mean that someones brain is seen as ‘abnormal’ but autism, adhd and anything else on the spectrum means that you’re neurologically wired different.

We shouldn’t be banned from live television or mainstream platforms in any aspect of life because we aren’t seen as the norm. I don’t care how it used to be or if that is how its always been … that doesn’t mean that it was ever the right thing to do. This is why there is so much of a divide in society! That could be one of the main causes of mental illness in already mentally different people. Also, that could have lead to certain individuals getting radicalised. Their voices aren’t heard or valued by mainstream society so these unsavoury groups show them attention and proceed to give them that place which the mainstream refuses to give to them. That makes them easy pray for the groups to get them to do terrible things which end up in the news. Basically, society is causing those problems because they aren’t giving everyone a mainstream platform. Each day, the mainstream media edit out huge proportions of stories on unprovoked senseless acts. Some may be random attacks but many of the suicide stories have a historical story behind them. The various legalities mean that the mainstream media will never publish those details. They won’t include the details that I had a child removed and forcibly adopted because of issues relating to my disability when I put myself forward for articles etc during autism awareness month. It’a classed as a ’conflict of interest’ in law because the same publications advertise for adopters/foster carers for the same local authority that took my son and forcibly adopted him. Then, away from official publications when I’m doing my own thing on the blog etc. I get called brave for being open about things that are off limits in mainstream discussion. It shouldn’t be seen as brave, these things have been going on for years behind closed doors because people have been told that they have to keep silent. I never legally allowed the system to gag me. I stood up to them by telling my experiences regardless of whether I got slung into a court, police cells and even faced prison for a month (should have been 3 but I got out on appeal) because I was just never going to silenced. They gave up trying to make me keep quiet in the end. The system didn’t win. I refused to let them. That was the bravest part of the process and the most frightening for me.

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