Freda storyline coronation street.

I didn’t post this last night because I was too tired after watching coronation street. I went to bed because I couldn’t keep my keys open, let alone string a sentence together. I read a few things about the Freda storyline on social media from users. Most were along the lines of switching it off those scenes are too political etc. Freda is a long running character, for anyone who doesn’t watch it. She’s always been quite outspoken to people that take issue with her deafness. The actress that plays her is deaf in real life. The fact that last night saw her take a deaf child to the community centre and locked the door to stop the parents getting a cochlear implant. I’m not here to condone her actions or say that they were justified. I am purely here to explain how a disabled person gets to that point. Politics are intertwined by how we are treated, those things don’t stop if we don’t get political. I absolutely hate that would but realise that its necessary to change how we get treated.

I can only speak from my own experience. Most people know that I was sent away as a teenager on section at the age of 18. Well, I’m going to go into the reasons in detail within a certain context today. I had years of schools treating me like a naughty child, refusing to acknowledge my learning issues, rejection in general and exclusions because I was just a problem that they didn’t want and I was a drain on their grades so thats why I wasn’t allowed to take GCSE’s as a teenager. I was left with nothing after leaving school. Then I got kicked out of college because I did stupid things to pursue a tutor that I liked. I didn’t realise that none of those things were seen as normal then. I went by the rule that of you liked someone then you have to make yourself stand out. Long story short, that was my first harassment charge. I was understandably not happy after years of what school had already subjected me too. I emailed the airport after a friend told me that tutor was going on holiday (sent it to the local airport but it happened to be not the one she was flying from) telling them that the passenger was carrying an explosive device (you can’t type a certain word on the internet due terrorism). It completely backfired on me. I got done for providing false information. I was sent to a special college for people diagnosed with Autism spectrum disorders. I had my diagnosis for just over a year by then (we had to fight for an out of area one via local MP). That fell apart because of the same issues. I don’t know if regular visitors remember me talking about that awful meeting that traumatised me. That is when I was told I had failed with the options that had been available to me so I was going to be charged with a few counts of harassment and the providing false information. I drove up to where I used to go to college thinking that if I apologised for the harassment that happened at the special college I’d be seen as a good person so they wouldn’t go through with their plans. That is how innocently like a child I thought back then. I got arrested and put in a cell for two days where I was monitored by a door guard because of my age and vulnerability. That is when the local copper took the piss out of me making fun of my actions in front of a crowd of colleagues. I was then transported to court and sectioned via section 38 (month section) court order, I then had to be brought back to court from the hospital placement to be put under a section 37 court order which was a six month one which the psychiatrist at the hospital I was at could either renew or discharge. I had met them all before I went to court.

The psychiatrist had been to my home after I had an assessment with the local professor specialising in Asperger Syndrome. He asked me a load of questions with my social worker in the room. He wrote a report for the court recommending that I was sent to this particular secure unit that this psychiatrist came from. That was the moment when the system labelled me for life. That is why they have the excuse to keep me on a section 117 aftercare without providing any services for the last 6 years now. They refuse to give me a discharge meeting even before covid 19 hit, we were trying to get one from 2018 because the service I was under no longer wanted to provide support because they said it wasn’t working and the fees they charged the council were quite high. They weren’t working because once again they didn’t listen to me. That is what we constantly have to deal with, society ignores us and we are punished when we get mad and react.

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