I’ve done a full day of an Open University conference on only 2 hours sleep.

I haven’t really taken anything in today because I only had 2 hours sleep. However, the fact that I managed to get a little bit of sleep and turn up is a miracle in itself. This isn’t like the evening sessions. 10am until 3pm, 3x 15 minutes break and one hour lunch break. I caught up with cleaning during the breaks. I don’t know why I bother vacuuming as there are already bits scattered over the floor due to cat litter etc. It was perfect before I went back on my laptop. I have gone on a walk despite being tired from only two hours sleep. It’s a nice day, it doesn’t seem like September. It will probably rain every single day of October when I agreed to do that 10,000 steps a day challenge, especially on the day of my birthday. We have had ok weather all year, its bound to go the other way soon, please wait until November! Something popped up about a cyclone on twitter earlier. Well, that will certainly add to that challenge. I was born on the week of the hurricane in the late 80s but a cyclone is a lot worse.

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