I’m not sure if I’m tired. I can’t sleep.

I am having one of those nights where I’m not able to sleep because I don’t feel tired. I did earlier but the feeling disappeared. I ate too much earlier. Well, I had breakfast before I went to sleep because thats the way I roll. I continue to be a fat sack of lard so why fight it any more? I will probably look a bit less fatty when I haven’t touched those alcopops for a few months. It’s only been a few days which needs to allow my body to adjust. I have a niggling ankle injury that flares up every time I go on a walk. It behaves itself at the gym but there is no excess weight unproportionately balanced when on the gym machines. I enjoyed my walk. I needed to get out for a while.

I had mostly a quiet walk until the end part where I accidentally walked into the scene of something happening. There was a fire engine at the scene, an ambulance had just drawn up when I was walking down that part of the road (it was on my route home, there was no where else to go), then a police car shut off the road next to barwell town. Lots more police cars came speeding to whatever was going on. Then two or three unmarked cars came to the scene. I only saw the fire engine pumping water into one of the houses, nothing smelt like it was burning. There was lots of people hanging around, residents from the surrounding houses, teenagers milling around and even some people had come outside the pub on the corner to see what was happening. I don’t know what went on but I walked through the road while everything was happening. The police cars left the scene quite quickly because several of them passed me when I had nearly got to the end of that road (it is quite long). Then as I was crossing the road that I live on I saw the fire engine turn off of the road back toward the exit of our town (I live on the edge of town). Apart from that, my walk was peaceful.

I took this photo on the way back from my walk.

Harvest moon

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