One of those days!

I couldn’t wake up until about 5pm today. The place is still a mess but gone out for a walk to get away for a bit. I took my medication last night because I needed sleep. I got a load. I have to be awake for 10 am on Wednesday for my first open university event. I need to be there as it brushes up on all level 1 written skills etc. I lack those skills required in academic focused writing due to the fact that I got kicked out of school during the time everyone was learning those basics. It doesn’t help that I have learning difficulties thrown in there with it that have never really been addressed. They aren’t obvious in me so they put it down to purely autism. They tried to say that I was down syndrome when i was born, not by any conclusive tests, I had a fat face and was built a certain way! Basically, calling me medically fat… you can see why they want to keep my records away from view now?

I had to park my car on the grass verge outside our car park last night. Our flats car park was full to the point where people had parked against the wall. Please don’t park in there if your not a resident. I managed to get a space when I got up today. There was only one space available. This happens ever so often so its obvious that you’re not all residents or visiting the flats. We have a bus stop which goes to Leicester and Coventry. We had barely any of that problem during lockdown. That means people are parking and riding to where the bus goes etc. Please stop it because we can’t park on the road and when it rains we can’t park on the grass verge that easily.

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