Food manufacturers adding chemicals triggering weight gain. / The clouds looked like a skull earlier. (See photo)

I didn’t get home until gone midnight but still awake. I think my allergies are either kicking off or the cats have brought fleas in with them. I’m uncomfortable and overeaten again so the gym yesterday was a waste of time. I can’t stop eating even not taking the new medication a lot due to trying to come off of them. I’m extremely stressed because I think that the chemicals that are put in our foods nowadays is something restaurant chefs used to use to make their food more appealing to customers. It’s something like mono saturate chemical name. I won’t have a chance at weight loss if that reacts with my medication. If you look at any labels now, it says things a long them lines. You’d think that pre-made sandwiches/wraps are harmless until you look at the label and see what is added. I think this stuff is also added to bread now. Then there is the soft drinks that we consume. The same drinks that I consume today, never used to make me gain weight whatsoever. Over the last decade, I’ve noticed excess bloating after drinking soft drinks. The manufacturers need to take out whatever they’ve added. It was okay not to have those added things in a decade ago so reversing it can’t be that difficult. We can’t keep eating these chemicals, they’re literally in every single thing we eat now. If it’s fruit and vegetables they’ve normally sprayed something on them. Organic is expensive and out of my price range nowadays. I think that organic is actually too expensive for most people on low incomes or benefits. The only people who can afford to eat healthily are those with a lot of disposable income. People have gone on for ages about forcing manufacturers not to put the excess chemicals which we don’t need in our foods… it never actually happens. I’d like to see action there, some of those chemicals make my skin react due to allergies.

The moon is extremely bright tonight, the light is showing up the cloud formations. I saw that the formation looked like a skull earlier, so I took a photo of it … in case people start saying it’s my imagination. Here’s the photo below:

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