I’m going to be honest again.

There are comments that aren’t welcome right now. I’m stressed enough with my weight gain, I hate my body and will not be less moody until I’ve lost a few stone. I point blankly absolutely refuse to step on scales until I can see that I’m a reasonable weight. Someone telling me to drink milk instead of pepsi etc. Do you know that little things like that make my life worth living? If I’m kicking the drinks with the alcohol and stupid amounts of sugar in, I will not give up the other small things that make my life slightly less joyless.

I’m autistic, the fact that I’m female makes me subject to more forms of discrimination than those that are male with that condition. I’m not allowed to have children (the system got involved with my first attempt). I’m expected to look a certain way. I get told to leave every educational institute that I go to after a while. That is why I’m doing open university. I don’t have any proper friends because of my autism traits. I’m not given the proper medical treatment when it comes fo antidepressants etc. The mental health system doesn’t want me so my medication isn’t properly evaluated.

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