Gym time again! Better today.

I’m on one of the gym equipment while typing this entry. I’m exercising with my feet and typing with my hands. I’ve done an hour hard exercise so this is my chilled break while doing various things on my phone. I feel a lot better than yesterday. I had a long sleep most of last night and today. I needed it after this week’s alcohol consumption was leaving my body. I need to wash my hair because going the gym makes it more matted due to sweat build up. I was having to comb out the knots earlier. The waves like to curl into each other. Then that turns into a knotted mess. I have to make sure that I brush the very ends out every day as I’m trying to grow it. I can’t preserve the ends enough to not have them chopped too often if I don’t brush my ends out on a daily basis. It doesn’t help that the section I missed dying my hair back naturally ginger red is drier than the other parts because the previous dyes for purple and that blue had dried my hair. That bit right at the very end on one side now looks like a grey dry part due to the previous colours both fading into each other. I have another box of my hair dye but I’m waiting until it needs touching up elsewhere. I have my hair appointment for the ends to be trimmed next month. If I fix it just before that then any damage caused by that process literally gets cut off quickly enough not to cause too much length to have to cut off.

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