All these for under £30. Budget living! Let me explain how to look classy but have a ‘light’ bank account.

Evil eye bracelet, mirror necklace and a Louis Vuitton wallet purse.

I constantly get told that I don’t dress like someone on benefits. I don’t know how I’m supposed to take that… so I shall see it as a compliment. I may not have an official job but I do work extremely hard when it comes to life in general. I did 4 pages of notes for my degree module last night before I went to bed (and been writing music reviews at slicethepie website to earn pocket money). I did the notes extremely tired as I hadn’t slept well the night before. I had a proper nights sleep last night as it was one of the nights that I take my medication. May I add that we don’t officially start the module for another month. I’m being organised.

Anyway, back to today’s blog subject. The bargain for getting names products is a given that most people know. Users just need to be prepared to wait for their items to get to them. Some take months to ship between countries. You have to be prepared to take the gamble with some products being lower quality. I also had one product actually not arrive at its pick up destination. There’s other ways to do things too. I never go for a hair cut unless the ends are getting too split to style properly. Take yourself off of all websites where you know you will spend too much money. I took my card details off of Facebook games funding source. I wear my clothes and shoes until they are starting to fall apart before I replace them. I dyed my hair back to a colour which blends into the roots which is cheaper than bleaching it etc. You may still have alcohol, smoke etc (I don’t smoke but as you all know I do drink now but I never used to pre pandemic due to having an addictive personality), you just need to limit it to only around the time you receive money into your account. I put petrol in my car etc but I limit my driving trips as it lasts longer. I got a car with low tax. The most I pay is the insurance per month. This is how I do it.

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