I can’t be autistic in my life. I’m expected to be ’normal’. And this blog carries expenses.

I don’t have the appropriate supports to be visibly autistic in my every day life. I have to deal with things on my own because discussing them means getting shouted at or aggressively told that I’m useless. I am financially struggling at the moment because when I was drinking a lot I spent without thinking. I will just get shouted at and be hit with a load of verbal aggression from my mum if I admit it. I barely have enough to get a deposit together to move anyway. I’m just going to end up stuck back living with mum, even with the stuff that I have to put up with is better than being homeless. I will probably get a load of put downs about my weight. I can’t change that, now I am going the gym I still remain dumpy. Then I get had a go at that I sleep most of the day a lot. Tell me who would want to be awake in a life where you get put down for who you are?

I don’t have a donation button on the blog but I definitely should because the running costs of the domain name, marketing campaigns etc adds up. This is technically my work. I spend many hours doing behind the scenes work for free. I do this stuff because I’m passionate and knowledgeable in the areas that I cover. The leaders of bigger organisations could easily afford to give me donations towards the blog running costs. I cannot take down the domain name now that I am established. That is also what makes me stand out from other wordpress blogs. There are so many places that won’t promote what they perceive as a personal blog. That is why I have to rely on marketing campaigns and social media (the latter doesn’t really bring new visitors only returning nowadays).

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