Bad habits need to be knocked on the head, sooner rather than later, it seems.

Apologies for not being present today… I could have posted something earlier but for the blog editor malfunctioning on my phone. I went to a reflexology session today. I haven’t been to one for over a year. I wasn’t drinking alcopops regularly last time I went to a session. I have been treating myself regularly, despite trying to cut down, a 10 pack of little bottles over two days. She could see the sugar consumption on my feet. There’s now long term effects on my health because my blood test results keep coming back a little off. It must also be lingering in my body if she can see that I’ve been consuming a lot of sugar on my feet. I don’t even have sugar in my tea any longer. It’s definitely those drinks. If I ever want my former body back then I don’t think I particularly have a choice. I need to make myself go the gym three times a week minimum.

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