Harder workout today! / lots to do tomorrow.

I made up for my reluctance about going to my gym session today. Once I finally got to the gym after hours of not wanting to go… I stepped up my workout. I’m probably going to feel it quite badly tomorrow. I knew that I had to make up for over eating during the previous week. I have now rebalanced everything and feel so much better about myself.

I have lots to do tomorrow. I need to ring student finance to sort out the loan. I need to do the housework which I left to make myself go to the gym. I have my blood test to check my iron levels. That is why I am hoping that my muscles aren’t too sore otherwise all the plans I have will be harder to do. It felt quite severe after the first two sessions. I had to pick my leg up on one side to put on clothes after my first session. I felt heavy after my second gym session. I’m hoping after the third it starts to fade a bit because my muscles have developed a little bit. I am a lot stronger physically than I used to be. I have done nearly a week without alcohol which will be beneficial to my waist line. I have to go now because I won’t be up earlier tomorrow.