I’ve been reluctant all day.

I managed to do some of the things I needed to around my flat. I had to get out for a bit. I’ve popped over to a relatives to drop something off. I’m now making myself head to the gym. I’ve been reluctant the entire day. I hate the thought of even going on the machines today. I don’t think my muscles are settled down yet. I keep getting an ache in the middle of my back. It’s not painful but uncomfortable when I’ve been laying or sitting in the same position for a while. I have to pick up a new landline phone too as mine has broken. It will no longer charge. I’ve had the phone for years but I’m sure it doesn’t help with my cable arrangements at the moment. I had to rearrange things because the extension cable which went into the living room broke. I end up dragging all the WiFi and phone equipment around the floor of the hallway when using the set of plugs on the extension.

I think slice the pie review site is rather stingy on their payments. I joined the site last week. I did approximately 75 reviews to get to the $10 payment minimum payout. I worked my way up to 0.17 cent 3 stars rating. I got £6.99 today due to the exchange rate. They are now trying to pay me 0.4 cents and 0.7 cents a review. I’m still rated 3 stars. I started amping up the quality of my reviews after a gaggle of ones that ended up resulting in me being paid a tiny amount.