I need to do certain things.

I am definitely wanting to get away from this area now. I simply cannot live here now that I know for sure that the people who got me labelled will never pay for what they did…anyone in my shoes would feel exactly the same way! I can’t be in the same locality as certain people because it will mentally destroy me. If it was that easy to move being on benefits, I would have gone by now. I’m terrified of switching from employment and support allowance to universal credit because it will involve the same amount of hassle as I had with going through the personal issues independent tribunal. I have that hassle coming up again next year because the date runs out. Employment and support allowance didn’t indefinite. They were renewed at the same time so that probably will be a reassessment at the same time. I didn’t go back to reapply for the disabled parking badge because it’s hassle and I don’t think it’s fair on those with physical disabilities who can’t walk far when the limited disability spaces are taken by those who have anxiety, autism etc. I can walk no problems.

However, I need the other things. I spend a large percentage of my life doing paperwork that I don’t really understand but I know it has to be done to basically live as the nature of my autism will make it extremely difficult to sustain employment. I don’t really have much of a chance getting a job with no official experience. I know all this is coming up and the move where I don’t want to really stay in this area because the past makes me unhappy and I will never feel free or be confident as a person. I have no choice because of family and the benefit system is trapping me here. I don’t have the right things in place to make a benefit switch and then move. I can barely afford my current rent putting chunks of money aside for the deposit and upfront rent that will be required whether I rent through the council (providing that works out… yet more paperwork to sort out for appeal) or private places that actually take people on benefits.

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