I have nothing to add that I haven’t already said.

I read the latest about Colin Pitchfork being granted release by the parole board. I have nothing to add which already hasn’t been voiced by various people. I will add that dangerous criminals are routinely granted release by our parole board. The only reason that this was put in the press was due to his case being high profile and the horrific crime he committed. Admittedly, they don’t all have that many terms of parole but it happens regularly. I don’t want to influence anyone by saying this but you can get out quicker commuting horrific crimes like murder than smaller ones like anti social behaviour. I don’t condone murder even if the intended victim deserves it (an eye for an eye justice situation). I’m just saying that our justice system is organised in the wrong way which means that people can get away with horrific things. Decent honest people who hold their hands up to their faults and aspects of their personality regularly end up being labelled a criminal rather than those truly awful people who have rich relatives or are well off themselves to pay for their legal representation are never labelled and subsequently end up running society as their records come back clean so that the career ladder is easy for them to climb. No one ever questions them and they always have a tight circle of people backing them up. In small areas, such as the one I grew up in, this is more common than large city areas. Their inner circle has reasons to keep quiet about their true character because these types will do absolutely anything to keep their secrets from whatever time of their lives a secret. That is why there is so much corruption higher up in organisations, especially government.

If you want to know how he has got released, look at the connections of the people around him. I guarantee you will find a lead. But expect to have things thrown back in your direction whether it’s accusations or whatever. Your life will be ruined with the click of fingers. High up scum know that they have to discredit anyone trying to obtain justice. They did it to me and one day I will prove it. It’s never a case of if but when. I have made up my mind that certain people won’t get away with what they did and the effects that I was left with due to things that happened. I will make sure that the evidence in documentation is uncovered and I will make sure they get everything they ever did to me and others piled on top of them as a case. I will take great pleasure in burying them with their shady wrongdoings! Remember that every young person that had their lives ruined by those in authority grew into adults. We aren’t weak any more! Karma sometimes needs a push, I know that many of us labelled due to these individual(s) will take pleasure in pushing karma into the correct position to fall right on top of the heads of those that did various things.

Resting today.

I woke up aching from the gym. I’m definitely still unfit. It’s not as bad as the first session. I suppose that’s a good sign. The bits which hurt are muscles that I don’t use every day. I don’t have any aches in my arms or legs because I use them in daily life. However, my back right in the middle is a muscle that only gets used at the gym. I’ve taken a painkiller to help with the after effects. It shouldn’t take long to ease off. I’ve previously trained my stomach muscles so they aren’t complaining. It’s the one right in the middle of my back which keeps complaining. It’s a good sign that the aches aren’t so bad after the second session back at the gym. It’s going the right way. I will be fine once my muscles are used to the weight machines. I took half an antidepressant tablet last night. It worked. I’m not constantly hungry today. I don’t need a lot. The main issue I’ve always had is sleeping. I get depressed because I can’t sleep. Half a tablet still helped with that issue. I don’t naturally get depressed. Of course I do feel down due to what I’ve been through but there’s a huge difference. Maybe I never needed most of the medication they gave me. Autism can’t be treated by medication, it helps me mask that side of me. That never really benefited me. That was for everyone around me. It’s early days yet but maybe this new very slight dosage of antidepressants could be more beneficial to me. I may not feel so numb as I did on stronger dosages. I missed being able to feel emotions. It affects me as a writer because my writing became rather emotionally detached. That caused writers block when it came to trying to write a proper book rather than just the blog. I don’t know yet. I can hope that is the result.