Actually got things done… I know that’s rare.

I’m actually getting things done now that I’m able to get up during the day. It has felt like a long time since I’ve been able to function this way. The new medication is helping me sleep properly. I didn’t get to sleep until later last night but still woke up by 9 am. It was noisy around here as the council were cutting the grass. I had my alarm set for 10. I’m not properly up yet because I could do a few things while I was still in bed on my phone. I sent the statement to the council which they had requested and it says on my account that all documents are there and my application is waiting to be assessed by a housing officer. That could take many weeks. I will ring them at some point but they probably can’t tell me anything yet until my application is officially assessed. I’m off to the gym again today now that I’ve finally recovered from my first session. It took a whole week! I’m probably not going to do so much this time. It’s ok to not do so much and go more regularly (that makes the subscription cost worth it). I’m will properly be complaining about aching tomorrow. That doesn’t go away for a while when you start going the gym. I am not the best at easing myself into things. I like to dive in head first which normally kicks back at me. I’m never going to enjoy the gym but I’m hoping to make that not matter if I’m losing weight.

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